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    • Response to 16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is The Greatest City On The Planet:

      Jeeze yinz guys, lighten up. Waddja expect froma 10 pickture overview, ann inpsychlo-pedia? Yinz doan want dem givin away all the best stuff on hear. Yud getta buncha jag offs movin in and startin truble. Jess enjoy watchya got. Dares a buncha us Exburghers livin owt here dat misses and cherishes dee old place. Dare wassa a time when it was “Hell with the lid off”. Da Burgh’s foundations was built on sweat and blood, grit and heartbreak, lovin ones neighbors and bein honest. It has shirley blossomed since doze days.
      No one mentioned them musicians from da Burgh. Tizza nice list of greats as well.
      and yes finally… how bout dem Pirates?
      Miss yinz, hava goodin…

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