20 Tumblr Posts That Anyone With Procrastination Problems Can Relate To

    You're procrastinating by reading this article.

    1. If you had to describe yourself, this post would basically summarize you in a nutshell:

    2. Because procrastination is one of the few great skills you possess:

    3. This is a little bit too real:

    4. You know you should probably be doing more important things:

    5. Important things like exams, tests, and finals:

    6. But somehow this always happens:

    7. Yup:

    8. Which leaves you with little time to do things:

    9. Exactly:

    10. So you tell yourself you're not going to procrastinate anymore:

    11. Still procrastinating:

    12. But the cycle ends up repeating itself:

    13. And again:

    14. What's more important: those responsibilities or all the fun you could be having?

    15. Yes:

    16. And even though you procrastinate, when other people point it out, you feel personally offended:


    18. Because no matter what anyone says, you know you won't listen to them:

    19. Not a chance:

    20. But nothing feels better than when you actually stop procrastinating and finally get things done:

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