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    14 Pumpkin Products For Everyone Who Looks Forward To Fall Purely For The Pumpkins

    There's Pumpkin for everyone.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A "Hello Pumpkin" mug that's perfect for all your favorite pumpkin-flavored drinks:


    Get it from PrettyCollected for $18.00.

    2. A Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Jar Candle to bring that beautiful pumpkin scent into your home:


    Get it from YankeeCandle for $24.99 (price varies depending on size).

    3. This absolutely adorable Pumpkin Plushie for the inner child inside all of us:


    Get it from Etsy for £14.00+.

    4. A "My Favorite Season Is Pumpkin Spice" pullover to show the world your love of pumpkin spice:


    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    5. An iPhone case to carry your festive pumpkin spirit with you all day long:


    Get it from Amazon from $14.99+ (Click on this link for other sizes).

    6. A Cinderella-sized Ceramic Teapot for those completely "extra" fall tea parties:


    Get it from BigKitchen for $16.99.

    7. This "Jack the Pumpkin King" Pop! Vinyl Figure will have you singing Halloween cheers all year long:


    Get it from PopCultcha for $18.99+.

    8. A Pumpkin Juice Lip Balm for Harry Potter fans and pumpkin lovers alike:


    Get it from Etsy for £2.31+.

    9. A Pumpkin-shaped Candle for those who want to embrace the pumpkin spirit, but without the unwanted smells:


    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    10. An utterly adorable Doggy Jumpsuit so your pet pooch can embrace the pumpkin spirit too:


    Get it from AliExpress for $4.29 - 5.32+.

    11. A Pumpkin Pillow to welcome the beginnings of a new season:


    Get it from Etsy for £19.26+.

    12. A totally tumblresque Flower Pumpkin Enamel Pin so you can proudly show your love of pumpkins wherever you go:


    Get it from Etsy for £7.50+.

    13. A Knitted Pumpkin Beanie for the more bold and daring pumpkin lovers out there:


    Get it from Etsy for £21.00+.

    14. A Kawaii Pumpkin Keyring to clip onto your bag, purse, belt or key chain:


    Get it from Etsy for £4.00+.

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