This Dog Proved How Beautiful Ugly Can Be

Oogy, a former bait dog, was 13 when he died on March 2 but his legacy lives on.

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When he was about ten weeks old and weighed 20 pounds he was used as a bait dog.

Police raided the dog fighting facility and found Oogy in a cage and took him to a local animal hospital in Philadelphia. His ear had been torn off and his lower jaw crushed.

Levin described Oogy as a friendly and happy-go-lucky dog.


"When we are out and about it is difficult for people not to notice a large white dog with one ear. As people hear the story of what happened, they can’t help but be taken in by Oogy’s dignity and serenity. The word 'sweet' is used to describe him more than any other. A simple truth is that everyone –everyone- who meets Oogy falls in love with him. " Levin wrote.

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