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    20 Reasons To Hop On A Plane To Argentina Right Now

    As if the food isn't reason enough.

    1. Iguazú Falls


    It borders with Brazil and contains about 275 water falls with the longest drop being 269 feet.

    2. Chimichurri Sauce

    Via Flickr: johnnystiletto

    It's a mix of parsley, olive oil and other spices and it's slathered on meat, sandwiches or just eaten with a fresh baguette.

    3. Choripan


    It's chorizo (sausage) with chimichurri sauce. Simple and delicious.

    4. Learn the real tango in its birthplace.


    There are several milongas (places where people can dance the tango) in Buenos Aires and even if you don't dance you can sit back and enjoy the show.

    5. The wine is exceptional.

    Via Twitter: @winesofarg

    Malbec grapes are planted throughout Argentina but mainly in Mendoza.

    6. Aconagua is the highest mountain peak in the Americas.


    It's one of the Seven Summits and the second highest mountain after Mt. Everest.

    7. Dulce de Leche

    Via Flickr: skatzenell

    It's like caramel but made with sweetened milk, commonly found in desserts including alfajores (shortbread cookies).

    8. Mar de Plata


    Known for its seaside beauty, Mar de Plata is the biggest beach resort in Argentina and commonly called "the happy city" for obvious reasons.

    9. Meet and Greets with Wildlife at Zoo Luján in Buenos Aires


    The 37-acre zoo stirred up some controversy after videos and photos showed visitors interacting with wildlife creatures but it's without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience to get that up close and personal.

    10. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires

    Via Facebook: MNBAArgentina

    It is the largest public collection of art in Latin America with more than 12,000 works.

    11. Los Glaciares National Park

    Via Flickr: riggott

    The World Heritage Site is in the province of Santa Cruz and home to the Perito Moreno Glacier which is 19 miles in length and three miles wide. It is one of three Patagonian glaciers that is still growing.

    12. Argentine Asado

    Via Flickr: jesusdehesa

    It's all about the beef.

    13. Nahuel Huapi National Park

    Via Flickr: zallio

    It is the oldest and largest national park in the region with nearly 2 million acres. The neighboring town of Bariloche is considered the "Honeymoon Capital of Argentina."

    14. Milanesa

    Via Flickr: whereisyourtoothbrush

    It's breaded meat and commonly slathered in cheese. 'Nuff said.

    15. Teatro Colón


    The opera house located in Buenos Aires is considered one of the best opera houses in the world with truly amazing acoustics.

    16. Empanadas

    Via Flickr: aok

    They're stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese and ham and either fried or baked.

    17. Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña


    The museum focuses on Inca culture with one of the most popular exhibits being the mummified body of a child used as a sacrifice. Disturbing? Yes. Educational? Yes. The bodies were found at the peak of the volcano Llullaillaco in Salta. The museum houses about 140 artifacts found with the bodies.

    18. The architecture.

    Via Flickr: puroticorico

    Like the Palacio Barolo inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. There are 22 floors divided into sections representing heaven, hell, and purgatory.

    19. El Ateneo bookstore

    Via Flickr: 99255685@N00

    It was originally a theatre and still retains the ornate design and theatre boxes. It's considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

    20. Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens


    It is one of the largest Japanese botanical gardens outside of Japan.

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