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12 Charitable Businesses Founded By Celebs

Flipping the spotlight on to those in need.

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1. Newman's Own: Paul Newman

Via Facebook: newmansown

Pizza is always a good idea but it's even better when you're donating to charity with your purchase. Thousands of charities have received more than $400 million since 1982 with the sale of products such as frozen pizza, pasta sauce and salad dressing. Newman's business/charity plan has clearly inspired other famous folk to follow suit because who doesn't want to do as Cool Hand Luke did?

2. Conscious Commerce: Olivia Wilde


"Know what’s not fun? FUNdraising. This is a tragic misnomer.

Whoever thought of this word has never begged donors for money, regardless of how worthy the cause." With this in mind Olivia Wilde & Barbara Burchfield developed the website that highlights ethically created products that also give back. The sale of the "New Light" dress had proceeds going toward the New Light organization helping impoverished women and children in Kalighat, a red light district in Calcutta, India.

3. Red: Bono


Founded in 2006 by the U2 Frontman, 100 percent of their funds go toward fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. Every product comes with details of how the funds will be used: the purchase of Beats by Dre headphones provides life-saving pills for 12 days. Inc(red)ible.

4. Preserve: Blake Lively


Lively's GOOP-inspired company took it a step further with five percent of proceeds going toward providing 5,000 meals, 2,000 blankets and 2,700 hoodies for homeless and abused youth in the U.S. through the organization Covenant House. So go ahead and experience your own traveling pants adventure.

5. The Honest Company: Jessica Alba

Via Facebook: TheHonestCompany

Unlike Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba wants us to get clean (and green). The company has helped more than 50,000 families in need by donating 555, 403 products through organizations including Baby2Baby. Non-toxic bath and body essentials as well as cleaning products are also available.

6. The Style of Jolie for Tivol: Angelina Jolie


In true Jolie style, 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward building schools in Afghanistan through the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Shine bright like a diamond knowing you did some Jolie-level good.

7. Feed: Lauren Bush

Via Facebook: feedprojects

The organization has provided almost 85 million meals to children around the world through the World Food Programme and Feeding America. Purchase the original Feed bag and provide a child with school meals for the entire year. 'Nuff said.

8. Soul Kitchen: Jon Bon Jovi


The Jersey native went back to his home state to establish a restaurant with no prices where patrons can donate $10 or volunteer for an hour for a free meal. Guess you can say he's reaching out to those livin' on a prayer.

9. Nutrish Dog Food: Rachel Ray


The 30-Minute Meals maven isn't limiting her skills to human food instead she's using her recipes to create pet-friendly food and treats benefiting animal shelters. So far, more than $6 million in proceeds have helped organizations including North Shore Animal League America, BAD RAP, ASPCA and America's Vet Dogs. Yum-Woof?

10. Halo, Purely for Pets: Ellen DeGeneres

Via Twitter: @halopets

She's America's Sweetheart and an animal activist so this partnership comes as no surprise. The food is made with natural ingredients meaning it ONLY uses plant, animal or mined sources (nothing highly processed or artificial flavors) so basically the LA diet for dogs. HALO donates 1/2 percent of sales to the Halo Pet Foundation and purchases come with the satisfaction of knowing it would make Ellen so happy she could dance.

12. Pour Les Femmes: Robin Wright


The House of Cards star teamed up with the socially conscious line that donates up to 20 percent of profits to Action Kivu and Synergie Des Femmes, two organizations that support women who are victims of violence in the Congo.

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