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Why You Should Stop Making Fun Of T-Rex's Small Arms

The King of the tyrant lizards doesn't really care much about making a bed or playing the guitar.

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T-Rex: Able to Rip the Head off of a Triceratops


In order to get around that bulky "neck frill", they just chomped down and used it to pull the ENTIRE Triceratops head CLEAN OFF and then feasted on the delicious neck meat.

Who would need arms for that anyway?

T-Rex: Killer Breath


Sure, he couldn't reach to brush or pick any food out of his teeth, but you know what? That just made it a more efficient killing machine. Some experts believe the pieces of bacteria-infested meat lodged and rotting in its SIXTY teeth gave it a septic bite. If for some reason you were lucky enough to escape somehow after being nipped by the T-Rex, you would still eventually probably die. Your normal sized arms wouldn't have helped you one bit.

T-Rex: Doesn't Need Friends


Dinosaurs as majestic and awesome as T-Rex didn't need anyone to have their back; other T-Rexes might just scam off their delicious 500 pound-per-bite meals, so T-Rex was a total loner who hunted by himself.

And guess what? If two T-Rexes got into a scuffle, they just might fight to the death. The winner would eat the loser. It probably tasted just as delightful as Triceratops' neck meat.

T-Rex: Small Arms? Still Huge


T-Rex's arms were over 3 feet long and may have been capable of bench pressing, oh ...around 400lbs. In fact, studies have shown that T-Rex's arm muscles were over 3 times more powerful than an adult human's.

Say something now, bro.

NOTE: The actual scientific abbreviation for Tyrannosaurus rex is T. rex. However, a creature as magnificent and terrifying as the T-Rex deserves at least two capital letters and a dash, in my humble opinion.

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