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10 Breathtaking Recent Photos Of Earth From Space

ISS astronaut Luca Parmitano (@astro_luca ) tweets daily photos of our planet. Thanks to him and other social media savvy astronauts (like the legendary Chris Hadfield) we are more connected than ever before. The following photos are just a few from August and September. For more, follow @astro_luca on twitter or like on Facebook:

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The Waters of the Bahamas - August 14

The Sands of Australia - August 12

The Desert Sands of Algeria - August 8

The Atolls of French Polynesia - September 6

The Varying Hues of the Carribean Seas - September 19

The Swirls of Color Between Afghanistan and Pakistan - September 8

The Immense Amazon Delta - September 20

The Clouds Over Chicago - September 16

The Summer Storms and Sea Currents of Calabria - August 21

The Nile River and Its Delta at Night - August 10

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