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    7 Reasons South Korea Is Taking Over Pop Culture

    South Korean Pop Culture was widely recognized with the release of Gangnam Style, and it is slowly spreading in popularity all over the globe. Here are the main things that are increasing it's exposure!

    1. KPOP Music

    Korean Pop music is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with global concerts selling out within hours!

    2. Incredible Dancers

    Korean pop stars are arguably some of the world's best dancers. Sometimes they are so good, you're left wondering how they even do some of these steps!

    3. Korean Movies

    There are so many fantastic Korean movies. Whether you feel like watching an action movie or a romantic comedy, there's one for you!

    4. Korean Dramas

    Korean Dramas have a way of pulling you in and getting you emotionally invested in all of the characters. They will make you feel happy, sad, angry, excited, and more!


    It's like one of the rules of the Korean entertainment industry. Everyone is disgustingly gorgeous!


    From the actors to the pop stars, they are sure to make you swoon.

    7. Korea is such a lovely country.

    With places like the bustling city of Seoul to the gorgeous Jeju Island, there is something for everyone!

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