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Should You Go Out Tonight?

Because sometimes the dilemma of whether or not you should be social is just too stressful.

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  1. 1. Are you currently wearing sweatpants?
    What a stupid question; of course I am!
    Not yet!
    I wish.
  2. 2. Did you get paid this week?
    No, but YOLO!
  3. 3. Are you single?
    Like a dollar bill.
    I have a significant other.
    Facebook would say "It's Complicated."
  4. 4. Are you happy with your answer to the last question?

    100% yes.
    100% no.
    I don't really care.
  5. 5. Do you have anything to wear?

    I just bought the cutest outfit!
    Everything I own is in my hamper.
    I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, as per usual.
  6. 6. Is there food in your house?
    Just some celery and water.
    No but there's a pizzeria nearby.
  7. 7. Is it raining?

    Yes and I will look horrible.
    No. It's a beautiful night!

Should You Go Out Tonight?

You got: No

Sloth status! You thought about it, you really did. Then you realized your bed was way more comfortable than any bar. Plus bars don't have ice cream or Netflix and pajamas are generally unacceptable. Oh well, there's always next week, right?

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You got: Yes

The world is your oyster. You're wearing real pants already — the hard part is over. Throw on some heels and go out for a night on the town you party animal!

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