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    19 Faces Only Someone Searching For A Job Will Recognize

    Hi, I'm interested in pursuing a career that helps me pay my rent.

    1. When you describe yourself as organized in your cover letter:

    2. When the interviewer asks for an example of how you're creative:

    3. When you have one shot to prove that you're accomplished:

    4. When you get the "after close consideration we have decided to move forward with another candidate" email:

    5. When the job requires 8-10 years experience and you have 0:

    6. When you're asked to describe yourself in 50 characters or less:

    7. When you have to include the links to your social media accounts:

    8. When you're hit with "where do you see yourself in five years?":

    9. When a friend suggests you should go to a networking event:

    10. When HR calls and says you're not quite the right fit for the role:

    11. When the last bullet on the job description says "must be able to work late nights and occasional weekends":

    12. When you finally hit submit on the application and a 404 error pops up:

    13. When the interviewer asks why you want to work at that company:

    14. When there's a position open at your friend's company:

    15. When you wake up after getting 15 hours of sleep and start browsing for job openings:

    16. When the interviewer says "do you have any last questions for me?":

    17. When the application requires you to manually fill in your previous work experience:

    18. When the hiring manager asks for your biggest weakness and you feel them judging your life choices:

    19. And when the interviewer starts raving about how incredibly talented their coworkers are:

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