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Pauline Hanson Reckons She And Indigenous Leader Who Called Her Racist Are Actually Pretty Similar

"This man stands for a lot of issues that I stand for as well."

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Indigenous leader Murrandoo Yanner was not impressed when incoming Queensland senator Pauline Hanson showed up at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on Saturday.

Jordan Baker / AAP

"Now you are kicking the Muslims around, you are just a racist redneck with your red hair," Yanner, a Gangalidda man from the Gulf of Carpentaria, yelled at Hanson as she left the fair.

The heated exchange was captured by artist Bernaysii Bloom and shared on Facebook.

Bernaysii Bloom / Via Facebook: video.php

"Go away, go back to Ipswich and your fish and chip shop, you're disgraceful, you're a woman lacking moral fibre, you are intellectually dishonest and you are not welcome here."

Hanson has since uploaded a video asking Yanner to contact her so the pair can "work together" on issues affecting Indigenous Australians.

Pauline Hanson's Please Explain / Via Facebook: video.php

"Murandoo please let's work together on these issues that are important to me and important to the Aboriginal people," she said.

Hanson said her and Yanner had a lot in common.

"He doesn't like politicians, well, either do I because I don't trust them," she said.

"He doesn't like the violence and alcoholism in Aboriginal communities, another issue I've spoken out against and I get called a racist."

Hanson has said a lot of controversial things about Indigenous Australians.

David Gray / Reuters

The One Nation leader has pushed for the Aboriginal flag to be retired, claimed taxpayers should not be funding welfare benefits for Indigenous people and stated: "I worked for my land; no one gave it to me."

BuzzFeed News has contacted Yanner for comment.

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