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A Mother Has Described The Night Her Daughter Was Allegedly Gang-Raped

"[Her daughter] said: 'Yes Mum, just come and get me as soon as you can'," the mother told the court.

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A teenager called her mother to collect her from a Blue Mountains house party where she was allegedly gang-raped in 2012, a court has heard.

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Four men – Christian Dickens, 22, Aaron Jensen, 23, and two 21-year-olds who were underage at the time and therefore cannot be named – are accused of attacking the girl, who was 15 at the time.

The men have pleaded not guilty to a number of offences, including aggravated sexual assault in company and detaining a person in company.

The girl's mother told their trial on Monday that her daughter called her late on the night of the alleged assault, hours after she was supposed to give her mother the address to be picked up at 11pm.

"She was very monotone, quiet, subdued," the mother told the Downing District Court.

"I said, 'Is that you, [daughter's name]?', and she said, 'Yes Mum, just come and get me as soon as you can'"'

When her daughter got into the car her eyes were "glassy" and she was "not her normal self", the mother told the court.

In the weeks that followed, the mother told the court, her daughter became "very short tempered".

"[She was] very moody, very angry, quite aggressive and she would be up all night ... sometimes I would wake up and I would be able to hear her crying in the loungeroom."

She eavesdropped on her daughter's phone conversations and "kept hearing" the name of one of the accused, Aaron Jensen.

She confronted her daughter and asked: "What did Jensen do to you?"

"She was shocked and horrified...she just started crying uncontrollably."

The mother told the court her daughter had said to her that the four boys "held her in a room" at the party.

The mother said: "I asked her did she fight them off, and she said she couldn't move, and she felt like she was stuck."

She told the court her daughter described helping a friend who had been drinking and was passed out, and the "next thing she knew" one of the boys who cannot be identified was "on top of her penetrating her".

Aaron Jensen and the same unnamed boy then "fingered" her "vagina and her bum" and the second unnamed boy "tried to put his penis in her mouth", the mother told the court her daughter had said.

"She said that she could see the police at the window but she said that Aaron Jensen put his hand over her mouth and she couldn't call out," the mother said.

Downing Centre District Court of NSW.
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Downing Centre District Court of NSW.

Meredith Phelps, the barrister for one of the unnamed boys, asked the alleged victim's mother why her statements conflicted: In one she said her daughter was wearing shorts, and in the other "a green skirt".

Phelps pointed to a police statement made by the alleged victim, in which she said she had "drank two and a half litres of goon", and as a result was "extremely intoxicated".

"Could her glassy eyes and her subdued manner be due to her having consumed alcohol?" Phelps asked the witness.

"I couldn't smell alcohol," the mother responded.

"Please answer the question," Phelps said.

"I don't know."

The alleged victim's former best friend, who is now 21, told the Downing Centre District Court on Friday her friend had called her the morning after and said: "I feel like shit, I was raped by boys at the party."

The alleged victim "sounded like she was crying" on the phone, the woman, who decided not to go to the party, testified.

"She said 'I woke up because water was tipped on me' and she saw [one of the accused] having sex with her ... the other boys were fingering her."

The girl then told her that there was "bruising around her vagina" and that it was "painful to go to the bathroom", the court heard.

Earlier last week, another former friend of the alleged victim who was at the party on the night told the court a group of boys stood at the door of the room where the assault allegedly took place.

When she asked where the victim was they laughed, the woman, who was 16 at the time, testified.

Her friend's tights and underwear were "dishevelled" when she found her in the room with two boys, the witness said.

"I need to go home, I need to go home, someone ring my mum," the victim allegedly said, according to the friend's testimony.

This friend said her own memory of the night was "patchy" as she was drunk and that she herself had talked to other former friends about the night's events, the court heard.

At the opening of the trial, crown prosecutor Belinda Baker told the jury that the alleged victim, who was intoxicated, remembered waking in a dark room to find herself drenched in water and one of the unnamed boys having sex with her.

Baker said Jensen then joined the boy to assault the girl while she begged them to stop, the court heard.

It is then alleged Dickens tried to get the girl to perform a sex act on him while the second unnamed boy tried to force her into oral sex, Baker said.

The girl was allegedly still in the room with Jensen when police officers knocked on the door of the house, but Jensen allegedly covered the girl's mouth and she was too weak to call out, so the alleged sexual assaults continued, Baker told the court.

She eventually pushed Jensen and the first unnamed boy off her, and they left the room. A friend called the girl's mother who picked her up, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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