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    Gun Enthusiasts Shot And Blew Up An Effigy Of A Female Gun Control Activist

    The effigy of "Sham Lee" was obliterated, set alight and blown up.

    NSW Police have been asked to investigate footage that shows two men associated with the gun enthusiast group Shooting Stuff Australia shooting at, burning and blowing up an effigy of Gun Control Australia chairwoman Samantha Lee.

    The video begins as a demonstration for a magazine extension for the controversial Adler shotgun. Currently only the five-shot Adler is allowed into Australia, so gun owners are purchasing magazine extensions to increase the amount of shots they can take per round.

    In the video, the effigy "Sham Leigh" of "Fun Control Australia" says: "ban the Adler, it’s dangerous he could kill people” and a male voice responding "fuck off" before obliterating the blonde doll.

    A gas canister under the doll catches fire and explodes, before the whole thing is shown again in slow motion.

    "They are giving a message to anyone who is speaking out about this Adler and trying to intimidate them into being quiet," Samantha Lee told BuzzFeed News.

    "I do believe it is a form of harassment and a threat to remain silent about the implication of the Adler firearm," she said.

    Shooting Stuff Australia/YouTube

    The gun control lobby believes the lever action Adler undermines the 1996 National Firearms Agreement brokered by John Howard following the Port Arthur massacre. The federal government has temporarily banned importation of the eight-shot version of the shotgun.

    "After the massacre, where 32 died and 19 were injured with a man using a high powered rifle, Australia changed its gun laws so high power rapid fire guns were not allowed to the general community," said Lee.

    Lee, who lodged the complaint with police, says she's unaware of any charges being laid.

    "Public safety will continue to be put at risk if the major parties keep sidelining gun control issues," Greens NSW senator and gun control spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said.

    "After bending their ears to the well-financed pro-gun lobby, the Coalition have allowed the importation and sale of the new Adler A110 5 shot lever-action shotguns, and over 7000 have been imported into Australia."

    Shooting Stuff Australia/YouTube

    It is not the first time one of the group's videos has been referred to police.

    Last month Shooting Stuff Australia filmed a video of a Greens party logo being fired at and what appears to be an effigy of the Grand Mufti being shot and incinerated.

    “These are the same individuals who have previously posted violent videos aimed at racial and religious minorities," said Greens NSW MP and police spokesperson David Shoebridge.

    “The proliferation of violent and disturbing online videos form the Australian gun lobby should be a wakeup call for politicians. We need to act now to prevent Australia from going down the low road of the US on gun control.”

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Shooting Stuff Australia for comment.

    Gina Rushton is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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