Politicians Just Voted To Decriminalise Abortion In Queensland

    After an emotional debate, the state's parliament has voted to decriminalise the procedure.

    Abortion will be decriminalised in Queensland after two days of emotional parliamentary debate and decades of campaigning by reproductive rights advocates.

    On Wednesday night, 50 MPs voted for the legislation, which was introduced by the Labor government, and 41 MPs voted against it.

    The debate ran for two days and involved personal testimony from dozens of politicians.

    To all the brave women who told us their stories this week, to the women cheering from the gallery and to the women who have fought to make abortion legal in Qld - this historic win belongs to you #BelieveWomen #qldpol @AnnastaciaMP @jackietrad @YvetteDAth

    A termination was only lawful to "prevent serious danger to the woman's physical or mental health", but now abortion will be available up to 22 weeks gestation, after which the patient would require two separate doctors to approve the procedure.

    History has been made. Women will no longer have the fear of committing a crime when making the deeply personal decisions over their own bodies. #qldpol

    The legislation introduces 150m safe-access zones around clinics to protect patients from harassment and intimidation by protestors.

    Under the new legislation, which comes into effect later this year, doctors who conscientiously object to abortion will be required to refer a patient seeking an abortion to a doctor who does not oppose abortion.