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24 Undeniable Signs You Went To Loyola Maryland

AMDG, Strong Truths Well Lived, #hounds, and all that jazz.

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24. You made sure everyone knew we had the top dorms in the country (at one point in time).

23. You've attended at least (but hopefully only) one Hopkins frat party.

22. You rode the Collegetown Shuttle.

21. It took you nearly all 4 years to complete all of your Core classes.

20. You know it's impossible to get a study room in the library.

19. Did anyone ever see a real College of Notre Dame of Maryland student??

18. The health center never diagnosed you correctly.

17. No matter how many times they changed Boulder & Primo's, everyone still ate here:

16. No one calls it "LUM". (LoCo 4 Life.)

15. You've perfected your Father Linnane impression.

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14. And you enjoy a good BriLi sighting on the quad.

13. You've seen Michael Phelps at the FAC.

12. Luckie's Tavern Happy Hour--Everyone gets one.

11. You know a shuttle never comes when you need one.

But Ted was still the best.

But Ted was still the best.

10. You took one of these photos when you were abroad:

9. Lacrosse is, like, a big deal for us.

8. You've paid an astronomically unreasonable fine for "compliance", or worse, being a "social host".

7. RIP the Den & Reefers.

6. You know this is the best view on campus:

5. People come from far and wide to day drink with us.

4. You've risked your life walking home from York Road.

3. No one cares about music or the arts, unless it's Chordbusters.

2. It's called Craig's. (Not Favorites. Sorry Towson.)

1. You'll always be a Hound.

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