These Great Danes Hate Mondays

Here are some Great Danes and their feelings about the worst day of the week.

1. This Great Dane is trying to keep cool about Monday:

You’re not fooling anyone dog, we can see the fear in your eyes.

2. This Great Dane has completely lost its mind about having to start the work week again:

3. This Great Dane is really depressed about Mondays:

4. This Great Dane is confused about why Mondays even exist:

5. This Great Dane just wants to work from home on a Monday for once:

6. This Great Dane wants to go back to bed and forget that Monday is here:

7. This Great Dane is hiding from Monday:

8. This Great Dane isn’t even gonna try and deal with Monday:

9. This Great Dane can’t even handle Monday and needed a water break:

10. This Great Dane can’t believe it’s actually Monday again:

11. This Great Dane is throwing shade at Monday:

12. This Great Dane has given up because it’s Monday:

13. And this Great Dane is too cool for Monday:

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