Voice Actor Of ‘The Simpsons’ Edna Krabappel Dies Aged 70

Marcia Wallace, best known for her work in The Simpsons and The Bob Newhart Show passed away just shy of her 71st birthday due to complications caused by breast cancer.

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Her life was filled with multiple struggles – being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, losing her husband to pancreatic cancer the same year she began her memorable work in The Simpsons – but managed to provide a great career as a comedic actress and voice actor. Here are just a few of the roles she had – all of which were great.

2. Edna Krabappel

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Best known for her portrayal as Bart Simpson’s 4th grade teacher, Marcia Wallace played the part of Edna since 1992. No one can forget her signature “Hah!”.

3. Carol Kester

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As Bob’s receptionist Carol Kester, Wallace’s role in The Bob Newhart Show brought her to notoriety in the 70’s for her comedic talent and polar opposite to Bob Newhart on the show.

4. Clovis

Darkwing Duck Wiki / Via darkwingduck.wikia.com

Continuing her role as secretary in animated form (surely as a nod of appreciation for her work as Carol), Wallace voiced in Darkwing Duck as villain Taurus Bulba’s highly intelligent secretary.

5. Mrs. Beaver

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Though she was the third person to voice Norbert and Daggett’s mother, Wallace played the tough-loving Mrs. Beaver in The Angry Beavers.

6. Maggie Hawley

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The short-lived sitcom That’s My Bush by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had Wallace play sassy maid Maggie, with great lines like “Mrs. Bush, you look like a hooker.”

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