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8 Things To Avoid When Making A Vine

There's an awful lot of six-second clichés out there.

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1. Saying "Go" at the beginning

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Timing is everything – not only during filming, but before as well. Working with others means signalling to them that filming's started. If your timing is off though, expect your voice – and lack of coordination – to be repeated off-screen every six seconds. It's like a taunt sent by your past-self to remind you of your failures.

2. Too much in one Vine

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Six seconds doesn't mean lets-see-how-many-things-we-can-stuff-into-six-seconds. While this was still very early in Vine's history – and the first official trailer on Vine – the Wolverine Vine proved to be too many cuts. Try planning your clips to have enough for the brain to process – and the ear to hear should there be anything important.

3. Filming a computer screen

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Most smartphone cameras are capable of macro focus, leaving your video with a detailed mapping of your laptop's screen pixels. Vine was made to create new videos, not get attention from others' work – or professionally made work.

4. Incomprehensible

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There are definitely wise words to be given through the medium of Vine, but not without correct filming techniques. The great thing about Vine is being able to watch before posting, so if the there are cuts in-between that ruining the video, start again. It'll be ten times better, and comments will be more positive – unless those wise words aren't so wise.

5. Filming a picture

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Maybe there's that one picture that does say a thousand words. Sadly it's not using Vine's fullest – or only – potential of being the maker of moving pictures. If something can be said in one image, Instagram's the way to go.

6. Asking for revines / likes

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It might make someone's day to be revined a thousand times. But at what cost? Your most famous Vine is of you begging to be liked? Not the best way to stand out. The same goes for likes, especially with younger kids asking their mother for a puppy if they get 5,000 likes. Mothers don't care much for the internet.

7. Stop-motion of food being eaten

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Don't worry that Instagram has become the biggest library of cuisine photos around the world. Now Vine's taking over to show how food changes shape when someone takes a bite. While this is a standard piece for a new Vine-maker to do, once you've got the hang of it, best leave the chronicles of the bite-by-bite to others. Oh look! Someone's just finished a taco!

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