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    20 Things French Tourists Are Advised To Do When Visiting America

    Unsurprisingly, many of these are food-related.

    1. Have a corn dog.

    2. Eat in a diner.

    3. Drink copious amounts of coffee.

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    Drink it sitting down, on the go, anytime, anywhere!

    4. Hail a cab.

    5. Spend the night in a motel.

    6. Rent a car and take a scenic road trip.

    7. Have at least one American-sized soda.


    But make sure you're near a bathroom. What goes in must come out...

    8. Fill up your car with gas.

    9. Get some good old American fast food.

    10. Eat pancakes. Lots of pancakes.

    11. Enjoy as many donuts as possible.

    12. Attend a sporting event.

    13. Visit the filming locations of your favorite movies and TV series.

    14. Go to a mall.

    15. Play a round of basketball in a park.

    16. Visit a pharmacy.

    17. Attend a gospel concert.

    18. Listen to the radio.

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    In France, unless you love to listen to the same song ten times in one day, the radio is not the best way to get your daily dose of music. In the United States, however, it's quite the opposite. There are radio stations for almost every variety of music. Here are the most popular stations.

    19. Eat a hamburger that may or may not be larger than your head.

    20. And finally, meet lots of people and be astonished by their kindness.

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    People will smile at you on the subway. People will offer help if you look lost or confused. And you might even be called "honey," "sugar," or some variation of these terms of endearment by a complete stranger.

    This post was translated from French.

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