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    15 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best! (or The Worst. Ever.)

    self explanatory.

    1. Everyone does a great job parking!


    10. Slipping and falling never occurs

    (at least once a day)

    2. Because if no one knew before, black ice shows your sick dancing skills

    3. Getting all bundled up brings out the real fashionista in you!


    seriously no more pictures guys


    4. Everyone is in the best mood on a day full of slush and ice


    5. Newscasters have great news every morning

    Via (

    enough elsa

    6. Commute to school/work is superb


    7. The avalanches of snow falling off the top of your car basically feel like this

    8. The sun melts the snow because the weather warms up real fast


    9. Being snowed in multiple times is just thrilling

    10. My college is always closed for snow days

    11. It's completely acceptable to go to work like this

    12. The wind chill against your face is real refreshing

    13. Shoveling is fun


    15. Especially with your shirt off


    Basically we would love to do this all day

    But unfortunately we can't hibernate

    So we will just have to put up with winter until spring comes again


    (sooner than later)

    (plz & thank you)

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