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Build Your Business With Google Plus | Gilbert0's Authority Blog

Well, it looks like Google pulled another rabbit out of its hat with the launch of Google Plus, which has overshadowed Facebook in the first few weeks since its introduction. Google Plus saw tremendous pre-launch interest from all sectors of the economy, so its no surprise that when it finally launched, Google Plus created quite a buzz with social media users and business owners. What is Google Plus? Simple – Google Plus is a new social media site that is directly tied into the most widely-used search engine on the planet, with looming search engine optimization (SEO) implications. If you care about your company's online reputation – what consumers are saying and where they are saying it – you need to learn how to utilize Google Plus for your business. How is Goolge Plus different? Sometimes it is not relevant to talk about certain things with certain people. For example, you would not want your Saturday night plans shared with your business acquaintances. With Google Plus, you can assign people "roles" and categorize them so that you are sharing the most appropriate and relevant information. With Google Plus, you can be a part of a community and rely on personal connections and the people that are close to you. Read complete at: Gilberto's Authority Blog

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