20 Signs You Went To Fordham University (College At Lincoln Center)

While other college kids were joining sororities and doing keg stands you were wandering around the MET and enjoying bottle service at Le Bain. #toughlife

1. You didn’t do Tinkers or Mugz, you did SL and Le Bain (and it was cheaper)

credit: wanderfly images

2. The idea of greek life made you want to swan dive off the roof of MacMahon

credit: imgur

3. You knew all of the security guards by name and they were either your second parents (Leon <3) or they made your life a living hell

credit: Fordham Observer

4. The elevators to class were always PACKED and going up made you feel like voming (you were probably also hung over)

credit: spoken mommy

5. You Wrote for The Observer but you never read it.

credit: The Fordham Observer

6. You Went to the Bronx Campus once and vowed never again.

credit: twimg

7. You would have rather jumped in front of the 1 train than take The Ram Van.

credit: Fordham University

8. You bitched and moaned when someone took the Lowenstein elevator to the 2nd or 3rd floor

credit: flikr

9. You didn’t do ‘campus life’

credit: pittstate

10. Unless it was midnight breakfast, of course!


credit: media clients

11. You made your friends by being a smoker and standing under the “heat lamps” in front of McMahon

“I only smoke when I’m drunk!” Yeah, okay.

credit: photobucket

12. It was socially unacceptable to wear sweat pants to class (which made the Rosehill kids easy to spot)

credit: adidas

13. The Caf was literally always closed.

Glad that meal plan was required!

credit: panda whale

14. You knew to avoid clubs on Saturday nights because the crowd was too “bridge and tunnel”

credit: way too tan

15. You knew the MET was free but always contributed $1

You basically were Blaire Waldorf, only drunker.

credit: zimbio

16. You always had your Adderall dealer on speed dial.

credit: dependency.net

17. You know what “LP” is

credit: city search

18. If you were a theater major, you only hung out with theater majors (because everyone else hated you)

Credit: george fox

19. You smoked weed in the teepee (and you know what the teepee is)

credit: photobucket

20. No one lived on campus so you had no idea who anyone was, ever

credit: 24 media

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