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This Is The Best Star Wars Toy Ever

Shut up and take our money!

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Though not much is known yet about BB-8's role in the film, he looks set to take over from R2-D2 as the heroes' beloved droid sidekick. Best of all, he's not even computer animated!

Star Wars merchandisers have always been a clever bunch, and in a live-streamed unboxing event introduced the world to a smartphone-powered remote control BB-8!

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Yes. Smartphone powered.

Made by Sphero, BB-8 responds to an app for iOS and Android, as well as voice-commands. It also promises an "adaptive personality" which is either amazing or slightly scary.

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The adaptive personality means it can learn the sorts of things you talk to it about, as well as the contours and borders of your room, so eventually it can just whirr around all by itself. You can also record videos for it to play back as a hologram. Expect plenty of mischief from this little guy!

Plenty of tech bloggers have already reviewed it and posted about their experiences with it but we'll leave it to these puppies to give the best review. Because everything is better with puppies.

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