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    10 ways to kill at the halloween decorating game

    when black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, you know its halloween. with anticipation for the spooky scenery and wicked accessories, here are 10 ways to liven up your halloween themed interior in a chic, fresh fashion.

    1. create your own glamorous leaf decorations

    2. incorporate a pumpkin into your guest placards

    3. add a spooky message to your table centerpiece

    4. create your very own black cat

    5. step up the candy corn game with coordinating bottles

    6. add a soft feminine touch to an eerie skull

    7. insert candles into your floating apple bowl

    8. create your own potions and poisons with a touch of black paint and mysterious labels

    9. play with emerald green tones

    10. diy a haunting focal piece