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Jul 2016
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    ghostiegirls commented on Psychics And Mediums, When Did You First Realize You Were Gifted?

    I saw my first spirit when I was about a year old and told my parents about it. They listened and sent me on my way after I picked out a recently deceased family member I never met, as the gentleman I had seen. They never told me he was dead. I finally realized what was going on in… 

    2 months ago

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  • ghostiegirls's avatar

    ghostiegirls commented on Have You Ever Gotten A Message From The Dead?

    I've actually seen spirits my entire life, but one of my strangest encounters happened late one night while I was away at college. I was sleeping alone in my apartment when, just after two in the morning, I heard something moving near the foot of my bed. The noise was loud engouh… 

    3 years ago

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