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10 Reasons To Cut Your Hair Short

Do it!

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1. You don't always have to have a hair tie on your wrist


Now you can jump into action without hair getting in your way.

2. Your hair doesn't get caught in things


Ever been sitting in class and notice a tugging feeling on your head, and you come to realize your hair is caught in one of those damn screws on the back of your chair. Then you have to try to gracefully get it out, while inevitably leaving a good chunk of your locks behind. Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore.

3. And you can't get blamed for shedding


When you're the only one in your house with long hair, you can't get away with having your hair fall out in the shower, into everyone's food, and onto other people's clothes.

4. You stay cooler and fresher


You feel breezes in places you've never felt them before. Specifically the back of your neck.

5. You kinda look and feel like a superstar


All the cool kids are doing it

6. You get to be a nonconformist


Yeah, I'm that badass that cut off all her hair, I don't need to follow traditional gender stereotypes to feel comfortable with myself.

7. You can experiment with hair products you've never used before


Hair gel, hair texturizing cream, hair molding many creams

8. You have a fresh start


All of those splint ends are instantly eliminated.

9. You can give back to a good cause


After years of thinking about, you can actually donate your hair!

10. And let's be honest, you get so many likes on that first insta

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