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    These 9 Celebs Who Rocked Guy Fieri's Hair Will Warp Your Mind

    As Fieri ditches his trademark 'do for a more conservative look, several celebs jump on the chance to claim the iconic hair for themselves.

    Guy's New Look

    Huffington Post / Via

    Citing his increased interest in charity work, Guy has adopted a more serious hairstyle, but that hasn't stopped other celebs from copying his famous look.

    1. Beyoncé

    Forbes / Via

    Beyoncé rocks the bleached spikes in front of a speechless crowd

    2. Katy Perry

    The 305 / Via

    Katy Perry shocks the world by stealing a style from someone who is actually white.

    3. Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Jr. / Via

    Iron Man or Iron Chef? The ever-handsome RDJ looks like he's getting comfy with the look.

    4. Pharrell Williams

    Getty / Frazer Harrison / Via

    So THAT'S what was under that hat.

    5. Lebron James

    REUTERS/Mike Stone / Via google images

    After announcing his return to Cleveland, Lebron had another shock for his fans.

    6. Kanye West

    distractify / Via

    From Chi-town to Flavortown. Kanye looks quite pissed after donning Guy's yellow locks.

    7. Zayn Malik


    The 1 Direction heartthrob scars thousands of teen girls for life after posting this photo of his new haircut.

    8. Dwayne Johnson


    Looks like Hercules Star The Rock smelled what Guy was cooking.

    9. Jennifer Lawrence

    Cardiac / Via

    Catching Fieri. The Hunger Games actress shows off her new style for the upcoming "Mockingjay"

    Even Game Of Thrones Gets In On The Action

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