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    What To Do During Your Layover In Munich

    So you have a 10+ hour layover in Munich and want to take in the sights. Never fear! We have a guide for you.

    1. If you need to do a bit of shopping...

    Stroll through the Viktualienmarkt

    This market is the perfect place to go to grab something for breakfast. Fresh baked pastries, fruits, veggies, sausages, and everything else you could need are right there. Plus, it is right in the center of the city so the surrounding architecture is gorgeous.

    Walk down Sendlinger Street

    Slashme / Via

    Walk through the Sendlinger Tor and into Sendlinger Straße one of the biggest shopping streets in the city. It has the typical stores found in most European shopping districts, but is also full of tiny laneways full of stores run by the locals.

    Duck into the Asamkirche


    While you spend the day treating yourself in the stores, you should take a quick sidetrip into the St. Johann Nepomuk Church, called the Asamkirche. The decadent architecture and design fit perfectly with a day of shopping!

    2. If you want to get into the Bavarian spirit...

    Take a tour of the Town Hall

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus

    A good launching point for seeing the sites in Munich is the old Town Hall. It is still the center of the city in Marienplatz and is surrounded by beautiful old German architecture. It's only a 40 minute ride from the airport, and you can take tours of it every day. If you aren't in the mood for a tour, then you have to at least stay to see the Glockenspiel!

    Visit the Frauenkirche

    Right next door is the Frauenkirche, one of the most iconic buildings in Munich. Unfortunately, the viewing towers are closed until 2016 for renovation, but it is still worth spending a few minutes touring the beautiful inside. Plus, free!

    Climb St. Peter's tower

    The tower at St. Peter's, also known as Old Peter, right around the corner from the Frauenkirche is, however, open for tourists. Climb up for an incredible panoramic view of Munich. There are a bunch of restaurants on the way as well, so stop at an outdoor cafe and live the real Munich life.

    Have a beer at a biergarten

    InSapphoWeTrust / Via

    No trip to Munich is complete without a trip to a real Biergarten. The Hofbräuhaus is the favorite for international guests, but there are hundreds dotting the cityscape. The locals might suggest Augustiner Biergarten or Hirschgarten. Have fun, and be careful of the Stark Bier!

    3. If you want a bit of culture...

    Enjoy the Deutsches Museum

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus / Via

    The "German Museum" is a great technical museum, but be careful, you can get lost in there all day. Be sure to check out the evolution of trasportation in the "Verkehrszentrum."

    Critique art at the Alte Pinakothek

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus

    A 1.5 mile walk through the heart of Munich - passing bz the famous Frauenkirche and Rathaus - will take you to the Alte Pinakothek,one of Germany's best art museums.

    4. If you want to see a ton of castles...*

    *They are all beautiful, but some are pretty far away. We have taken the liberty of giving you directions to each.

    Nymphenburg Castle

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus

    At only an hour from the airport, Nymphenburg is the most practical for a short layover. If you have a bit longer, though...

    Hohenschwangau Castle

    Hohenschwangau is three hours away with a train (2 if you drive) but if you absolutely MUST see a castle, then you should go here. You won't be disappointed, especially since it has a pretty famous neighbor.

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    The famous neighbor of Hohenschwangau, of course, is Neuschwanstein Castle. Three hours with a train and you are transported into a fairy tale. Come if you have a day in Munich, but don't miss your flight out!

    Schleissheim Palace

    Schleissheim Palace is a quick 30 minute train ride from the airport, so for a very short layover with a castle requirement, this is your best bet.

    5. If you want to get in touch with nature...

    Tour the English Gardens

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus / Via

    The English Gardens are the perfect place for some rest and relaxation, especially in between flights. The 40 minute train ride takes you along the Isar River and a short walk through the city will get you to the park. It is the perfect place for a picnic or do some people watching!

    Visit the Chinese Tower

    Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus / Via

    While wandering around the English Gardens, follow the crowd to see the Chinese Tower. There is a cafe at the bottom and a lovelz biergarten set up so you can enjoy some grub AND nature. Win-win!

    Go surfing!

    Maksym Mozul / Via

    After wandering in the park, head down to the bank of the Eisbach and watch the surfers. Actual people with actual surfboards, surfing in the city. If you feel really bold (and have an extra set of dry clothes) you can try it yourself!

    no really, it's actual surfing...

    View this video on YouTube

    Top off the day with ice cream!

    Anette B. / Via

    We recommend Speghetti Eis at Sarcletti's, one of the best ice cream stores in all of Germany!


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