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    9 German Sports That Make You Scratch Your Head

    Some sports, like volleyball and wrestling, are intuitively understood. Some, like long distance broom throwing and mud biking, are not.

    1. Fingerhakeln

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    Fingerhakeln is the German equivalent to a thumb war, only much more painful. It can be done recreationally or, as you can see, it can get super competitive.

    2. Teebeutelweitwurf

    Long distance tea bag throwing is as competitive as it gets. It seems pretty straightforward at first but then, the twist: you are throwing it with your mouth. Have fun with that.

    3. Schuhplatteln

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    Schuhplatteln isn't technically a sport, but don't say that near anyone from Bavaria. It's kind of like square dancing; everyone learns it young and a select few go on to wear their lederhosen at competitions.

    4. Boßeln

    The core of Boßeln is pretty simple: roll a ball as far as possible, then keep throwing it. It's kind of like bowling, golf, and shuffleboard all rolled into one. Boßeln is often played in the street, often along with copious amounts of alcohol.

    5. Besenweitwurf

    Throwing brooms long distance is also considered a sport in some parts of Germany. The player takes the broom and swings around like a baseball swing before letting the broom fly. Not to be done in crowded areas or near expensive cars.

    6. Ostfriesen-Abitur

    The Ostfriesen-Abitur is an event for those lucky few who grow up in northern Germany. It's similar to a coming-of-age ritual, if your coming-of-age rituals include pole vaults, milking cows, and speaking with a perfect northern German accent. So, probably not.

    7. Headis

    Headis, which is essentially ping pong without paddles, is growing increasingly popular across Germany. Definitely worth a try next time you are looking for a good workout!

    8. Treibball / Via Eva holderegger walser

    The motto on the Treibball website is "You, your dog, and eight balls!" There is little more to it. Obviously, it is the most practical kind of sport, because you just watch your dog run around without having to put any physical effort into it at all. Also, adorable.

    9. Wattolümpiade / Via Neocorus (

    The mud olympics takes place every year in Hamburg and features such events as mud cycling. Mud soccer. Mud volleyball. Are we having fun yet?

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