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7 Of Germany's Most Gorgeous Bike Trails

Germany is a country for cyclists. From the city to the countryside, bikers are often more abundant than cars. For the casual tourist, a bike tour is the perfect way to see a side of Germany that you never would see on a bus or train.

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1. Berlin Wall Trail


If you have an extra day in Berlin and love history and cycling, this tour is for you. The 160-kilometer journey loops around former West Berlin and allows riders time to take in the city and suburbs.


The Berlin Wall trail is also a great hop-on, hop-off-style ride. The East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie, and remaining East German watch towers are just a few of the sights to see along the way.

2. 100 Castles and Palaces Route

German Tourism Office

Europe is famous for its castles, and no area is more famous than North-Rhine Westphalia, where castles, it seems, are EVERYWHERE. This tour will give you a glimpse of some of the tiny villages and gorgeous palaces that make this area special.

German Tourism Office / Via Kiedrowski, Rainer

The 100 Castles and Palaces Route is actually four circular trails that are interconnected around Münster. In total, the route covers 910 kilometers of trail, but the individual circles cover only about 100-300 kilometers each. You can choose how long you want to ride!

3. The German Wine Route for Cyclists

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What better way to cap off a day of exercise than by taking part in a much-deserved Wine O'Clock? This trail offers incredible views of the famous Palatinate Forest nature preserve and winds through small wine villages in southern Germany.

The German Wine Route is more for serious cyclists (and drinkers) than casual ones; it covers 130 kilometers, but the terrain is at times hilly and full of traffic. Those who can brave the hills, though, will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views!

4. Baltic Coast Route


This bike journey is for the truly dedicated, or at least those who can afford to take a few weeks to enjoy the trip! At 1,095 kilometers, this is one of the longest bike routes through Germany. It will take you along nearly the entire north coast, including stops in the famous cities of Kiel and Lübeck!


The real stars of this route are the beaches. The Baltic Coast Route passes through the islands of Fehmarn and Rügen and Darß. The white cliffs and sand are worth the tired legs, we promise.

5. Bodensee-Königssee Route

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This journey begins in Lindau, a city on Lake Constance, and ends in Schönau on Lake Königssee. The views along the lakes are lovely, but there are a few other well-known landmarks along this path...

6. Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route


This route begins in the quaint city of Lüneburg, but the majority of the trail winds through forests and countryside. At 640 kilometers, the trail is no quick trip, but the terrain is mainly flat and easily managed by beginner cyclists.

German Tourism Office / Via Knobloch, Jochen

The Mecklenburg Lakes Trail also runs through Müritz National Park, where cyclists have the chance to see some of Germany's native wildlife. Nature lovers, this is the trail for you!

7. Märkische Castle Tour

This 180-kilometer journey offers a glimpse into Germany's history. While part of the trail is unpaved and takes riders through the countryside, there are also long stretches of land that belong to the palaces of the region.

Written By Lauren Rogers