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Creepy Moments In MJ's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' Video

Who's bad? You are, Michael. Pest.

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His friends watching and he can't lose face so when she walks on by like "pff, step off loser, I gotta get to my party" he aggressively shouts at her and makes some creepy snarly face. Swoon! Am I right, Ladies?


He stands and stares at her for a moment. Probably to intimidate her, probably to let her know he is serious dammit and will not be ignored! But also probably just so she can take in the full glory of that super-cool belt. I dunno about Jane, but I'm interested.

HHmm, she must be made of stone or something because that didn't work either. As she makes a second attempt to get away, Mike's gang make sure they keep their eyes on her and helpfully guide him in the right direction.


Luckily a new gang of Mike's friends pop up, blocking Jane's path, which is great because she nearly got away for the third time. Sure, she looks agitated with MJ there behind her gurning and itching himself, but girls like the chase so this is all part of the fun.


Mike's enthusiastic er, dancing, pushed Jane over the edge and down a dark alleyway with a dead-end. He and his gang wait patiently at the other, because if they followed her down that would be really frightening and they don't want to scare her or anything.

Now it starts getting full-on. Backed into a corner, Jane dives in to a random parked car to escape Mike. But she emerges..laughing...? No-one would be laughing after being chased by a crotch-wielding psychopath, so I think is safe to assume she is laughing at his white socks and short pants combo. Either that or she is high.

Jane's gang finally turns up so she has some back up of her own. Phew! Increasingly frustrated, Mike busts a gut with some fly new shapes. They straight-up laugh in his face. I could have told him that was gonna happen - he should have done the moonwalk .

Jane is really pissed off now - she is late for her party and she's still trapped in the back streets with some pirouetting maniac. She beckons him closer, then grabs his collar and tells him where to go before running away to a conveniently located abandoned warehouse. But as Mike's luck would have it - the door is locked. Close shave MJ.

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