9 Things Only Really Sweaty People Will Understand

It’s an inconvenient secret you can only keep so well…

1. 1. You can never wear sexy open-toed sandals in summer, like this:

2. Because you’d have to do this:

3. 2. Your favorite place is the Sauna:

Because you’re not the only sweaty one

4. 3. You also love swimming pools:

Because no-one would question why you’re soaking through your clothes and it’s 8pm at night. Sure it’s clammy, but really?! Wow..

5. 4. Interviews are 100 times more stressful for you:


6. 5. You never ever ever buy a grey top:

or wear black clothes because it’s attracts the sun, so basically you can never be an emo goth rocker

So you just stick with wearing anything white 99% of the time.

10. 6. After you commute, the first 20 minutes at work are like:

Even in winter

11. 7. Some places start looking really nice holiday destinations:

You dream about those minus temperatures

12. 8. When you think about the person you fancy finding out you have sweaty palms:

and not just when you’re nervous, all the time

13. 9. But then when you find out they love you anyway and don’t care:


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