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15 Instagram Accounts All Travel Lovers Should Follow

Whoever wanted to go to Spain anyway?

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1. @dpc_photography_ / Via @dpc_photography_

The misty hills, enchanted forests and glorious rivers of the Peak District and beyond. It may look like Middle Earth but we guarantee this is only – at the most – a few hours away!

2. @wilde_oates / Via @wilde_oates

From the massive Highlands through to the windy streets of Edinburgh, take a trip through the Scottish landscape with Steve's shots. Trust us, you won't regret it.

3. @joanna / Via @joanna

White cliffs and turquoise water from Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic Coast. These clear waters are proof that Britain is pretty much the Med... well, nearly.

4. @willbendall / Via @willbendall

If you’re in need of convincing to book in a trip to Wales, Will’s photos will have you there tomorrow. Think epic cliffs, moody seascapes and jaw-dropping nature shots.

5. @russell_davies / Via @russell_davies

Convinced you need to go to the Alps for a walking holiday? Think again. Scotland has plenty of peaks over 1200m and Russell has the photos to prove it!

6. @andrewjmcc / Via @andrewjmcc

Clear water, blue skies (well, most of the time) and white sand beaches: welcome to the Carribe-, oh nope, Cornwall. Now, rent a surfboard and get on those waves!

7. @_jfoy_ / Via @_jfoy_

Winding mountain roads, sheer peaks, ruined castles and gorgeous Lochs. It's no wonder most of Harry Potter was set here, it'd be tough to find somewhere more magical!

8. @ccgar1981 / Via @ccgar1981

Huge loughs, pristine coastline, and the big ships of Belfast. If Carolyn's pictures don't have you itching to visit Northern Ireland, we don't know what will!

9. @timholt / Via @timholt

Like the sound of incredible mountain views, misty lakes, and hidden waterfalls? Get yourself to the Lake District then... now! If you need convincing, just take a look at Tim's amazing shots.

10. @buxtonc / Via @buxtonc

Glacially carved lakes and rugged coastline… New Zealand? Nope, Wales. No need for a 24 hour flight, just hop in your car/on the train/by any means possible and enjoy the beauty for yourself!

11. @londongrrl / Via @londongrrl

It ain't just the great outdoors either, good ol' London is pretty special too! Rachel, aka LondonGrrl, shows us the personality behind the capital: the people and places.

12. @adampartridge / Via @adampartridge

Broadchurch-esque coastline (no moody David Tennant here, though), huge sea stacks, and cute coastal villages. Adam is on a mission to show us the South West all on his bicycle – what a lucky, lucky man!

13. @keen_on_green / Via @keen_on_green

The original northern Westeros: Northern Ireland. Fear not, there's no White Walkers here, only pristine landscape and incredible sunsets.

14. @GeorgeTheExplorer / Via @GeorgeTheExplorer

Sunrise at Durdle Door through to the rolling hills of the West Country – George (that's me) is on a road trip across the UK showing the world the sheer diversity of our beautiful landscapes.

15. @stephen_scot / Via @stephen_scot

Let's all play a game: Clachtoll, Scotland or the Cook Islands? Scrap that £1,000 plane ticket to the Pacific and get yourself north. Don't forget a wetsuit though. Oh, and you might need your rain jacket.