26 Awesome Facts About Life At Georgetown

by George Spyropoulos (COL’ 14) Observations about the extraordinary experience of living on the hilltop // HOYA SAXA!!

1. Lau brings UGLAY to a whole new level

2. There’s a pretty good chance that garlic Burnett’s is a thing

3. Finals Week. Enough said.

4. You waited in line for 5 hours to hear Hillary Clinton speak. And loved it.

5. Deep down you know the real reason you hate the business school kids is that their building is cooler than yours

6. You know what a Daisy Buchanan is

oh you don’t? are you sure you go here?

7. Your politics class was canceled at the last minute because your professor had to run the Department of Defense

might sound pretentious but it’s true.

8. You’re in the SFS and you’re majoring in International Piracy with a certificate in Peaceful Resolution of Inter-tribal Conflicts in the Context of global warming. Oh- you’re also minoring in a really tough language

special credit owed to Ms. Erica Hanichak and Ms. Dale Barnhart for this one. #darnall

9. Half of your classmates secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hope they will one day be POTUS

10. You know that Healy Lawn on a sunny day is more intense than the cafeteria in Mean Girls

11. You got your 21st birthday head stamp at Tombs

12. You interned on capitol hill. Because EVERYONE interns on the hill

for free. duh.

13. Leo’s Smell. Tis a Fact.

14. What do you mean “what’s a Hoya?”


15. This is your reaction when someone tells you they’re a math major:

16. By the time you reach junior year you’re done talking politics. for life.

17. Georgetown is the only place where people can get away with wearing pink pants. Sorry-nantucket reds.

as if it makes any difference

18. It is an undisputed fact that Georgetown Day is the best day of the year

19. Potential explanation as to why most hoyas are single

20. Large Coffee. No room.

21. Because you don’t sleep. Not really.

22. The real reason most of us go to vittles after midnight:

23. You know that JJ has a better life (and better housing) than you

24. Georgetown’s location can’t be beat

25. And in general, Georgetown is awesome in a million different ways

26. Even though the world will never, ever be the same

R.I.P. Tuscany

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