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    Snapchat Rolled Out A Radical New Design And Twitter Is Being Vocal AF About It

    Everyone's favorite app is looking a bit different today.

    Last year, Snapchat announced a redesign that would change the way users interacted with snaps and stories.

    Snap Inc.

    WELL, today, Snapchat began rolling out their new design in the United States with a software update!

    Instead of putting your friend's stories to the right of the camera, along with sponsored content, it puts the stories you care about most on the main screen between your snaps.

    Snap Inc.

    When you click on a story, it will automatically go to the next user's story in the feed and you can choose to watch it, or skip to the next one!

    Snap Inc.

    The new 'Discover' page includes sponsored stories as well as public stories that Snap thinks you'll want to watch

    Snap Inc.

    So now, stories and snaps are all mixed together in one screen. Don't worry, though, stories are ordered based on which friends you talk to the most! This means the stories you care about most will be near the top

    As with anything new, it takes a bit to get used to. Many users have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints about the new user interface.

    Me switching to instagram stories after this Snapchat update

    i dont even want to use snapchat after this new update


    worst thing of 2018: the new snapchat update.

    My legitimate reaction to the new Snapchat update 🤨 #Snapchat

    whoever designed the new snapchat update... your mom’s a hoe

    me uninstalling snapchat after the new update

    someone needs to get fired for this snapchat update


    If you'd like a crash course to learn the new interface, check out this video.

    View this video on YouTube

    A radical new design like this will definitely take some time to get used to, so Snap away!

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