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    11 Reasons Why Obamacare Won't Announce 2015 Prices Until After Election Day

    The Obama Administration literally can't even...tell us how much Obamacare premiums are going to cost. Well they can, just not until after the Midterm Elections. #howconvenient. In the meantime here are some other reasons why they might be waiting:

    1. Pajama Boy Has Midterms

    2. The Executive Branch is Still Deciding Which Parts of the ACA to Enforce

    Because the government can pick and choose which laws they "faithfully execute," right? #No

    3. Politicians Don't Know How to Work the Internet

    4. White House Staff is Still Looking for the Fence Jumper in the Roosevelt Room

    This could take a while...

    5. Briefing Biden is Taking Longer Than Usual...he just spotted an ice cream truck

    Ice cream is not a joking matter for the Veep

    6. There Aren't Enough Emojis

    Young people can only read things if they're explained with tiny images

    7. Pelosi's Still Trying to Find Out What's in Obamacare

    We know she's not going to read all 11,000 pages of the law though...

    8. Officials Were Considering Making a Pumpkin Spice Flavor of Obamacare

    9. It Takes a Long Time to Build Another Broken Website

    ...and $840 million dollars.

    10. Obama is Waiting for Lil Jon's Remix 'Enroll...For What'

    11. These Eleven States

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