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Here's Why Dundas West Is The Place To Be In Toronto Right Now

This west-end neighbourhood is exploding with the best food and bar scene in the city. Behold, the proof!

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The Dock Ellis

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This hipster-sports bar, opened in late 2013, has quickly become the place to be for its casual atmosphere, shuffleboard table and fantastic $10 snack menu (helmed by the talented Trish Gill). Come before 8PM if you want to get a seat for the big game.

Dakota Tavern

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This rambunctious, music-obsessed bar is the place to find Toronto's best indie musicians throwing back ale and jamming on country, folk, bluegrass, and rock tunes live. Founded in 2007, the tavern serves everything from rowdy roots dance parties to delicious weekend all-you-can-eat brunch, complete with flapjacks.

Porter House

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Laying claim to being the city's first vegan pub, Porter House offers an unbeatable drinks list and mind-meltingly amazing lentil-and-ale pie, among other delicious offerings. Get there before 8PM to beat the inevitable rush.



This is the best kind of dive bar -- one that's as eclectic in atmosphere as it is shadowy and romantic. With a cool-and-chic decor and a clientele to match, there's so much to love at this local favorite.

The Lakeview Restaurant

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It's tough the beat the original! The neighbourhood veteran on this list, the Lakeview has been in business since 1932 and its restoration in 2008 to its current incarnation represented a major shift in the Dundas West scene. With tons of local restaurants and bars to compete with, it remains the slightly-shabby crown jewel of the area; how can you resist its midnight macaroni and cheese, anyway?

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