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    30 Ridiculously Useful Cleaning Products For People Living In Small Spaces

    These cleaning essentials will get your apartment sparkling again.

    1. An all-purpose power scrubber cleaning kit, so you can get rid of gross grime stuck in shower door tracks, tubs, and sinks. Use the kit's three brushes with a cordless drill to clean different surfaces. What can be more fun than drilling away all the stomach-churning debris from your tiny bathroom?

    2. A pet hair remover broom, so you don't have to plug in a big vacuum whenever your cat or dog sheds all over everything in your apartment.

    3. A compact washing machine, because hauling your dirty clothes to the laundromat is a project and you deserve to get all your laundry done indoors. Those quarters? You can finally add them back to your piggy bank.

    4. A toilet wand, so your toilet bowl can look like a sparkling gem. It comes with disposable scrubbing pads that help remove germs and get rid of stubborn stains. If you're over a soiled brush and stinky bleach taking up a corner in your bathroom, we hear you!

    5. A pink llama duster that'll make you fall in ~llove~ with cleaning again. This fun tool easily sweeps up dust from photo frames, shelves, and other hard-to-reach areas around your studio.

    6. An instant carpet-stain remover for wine night spills and pet accidents. Buh-bye nasty stains and smells destroying your compact living space, it's been real.

    7. A robot vacuum, because it's been a minute since your floor has been free from dust, pet hair, and dirt. It can also clean in all the nooks and crannies of your home, just in case you forgot about those M&Ms you dropped three weeks ago.

    8. A hair catcher that'll do the dirty work for you and pull out the nightmarish mess lurking in your shower drain. The best (or worst) part? Watching this cute tool ~bloom~ with all the gross hair that was blocking your pipes.

    9. Reusable microfiber glass cleaning cloths you'll be glad you bought for wiping down windows. You may be facing the street or someone's living room, but hey, at least the view will be streak-free.

    10. A rust stain remover that'll tackle the toughest yellow spots ruining your sink, drain, and shower walls. It's about time your tiny bathroom gets an anti-rust treatment!

    11. A disposer foaming cleanser, because when was the last time you ~actually~ cleaned out eggshells and other scraps from your kitchen disposer? It's easy to use and looks like a mini volcano erupting from your sink. Your stinky drain will thank you for this foamy (and super clean) treatment.

    12. An all-purpose cleaning vinegar for gross messes at home. Made for multiple surfaces (hello kitchen sink and bathroom vanity), this formula leaves a sparkling finish and no residue. Plus, won't it be nice to not have to keep multiple cleaning sprays on hand?

    13. A space-saving air purifier that'll help minimize pesky allergens indoors. Dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander will not get in the way of your apartment cleaning spree.

    14. A pair of colorful mop slippers, so you can work on your dance moves *and* clean up spills with minimal effort. Don't have closet space for a giant mop? Problem solved.

    15. A set of cleaning sponges for tough-to-tackle stains on furniture. Just add water and you'll make marker scribbles, soap scum, and grease disappear from your apartment-friendly chairs, tables, and counters.

    16. A skull sponge holder that'll make your dish companion look less ~deadly~ whenever you need to wash plates, cups, or utensils. It also doubles up as a cute decor item for your small kitchen.

    17. A carpet cleaning solution you'll want to have on hand for messes made by your furry friends. Muddy footprints and pee stains don't deserve a place in your small dwelling.

    18. Stainless-steel cleaner wipes that'll give your microwave, fridge, and stove a shiny glow-up from fingerprints, grease, and gross residue. Your appliances will be *sparkling* in no time.

    19. A hand-held vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a crevice tool for super tight spaces around your apartment or studio. This gadget not only picks up a lot of debris from the floor, but it's also cordless. You can finally ~pull the plug~ on that clunky vacuum taking up space in your hallway.

    20. A TubShroom that'll catch all your hair before it clogs up bathroom pipes. This mini tool easily fits in your tub drain and traps loose strands that may be the culprit for apartment plumbing issues.

    21. A leather cleaner, so you can gently wipe away stubborn stains from your couch and give it a new life. Grime, oil, and dirt don't stand a chance with this formula, which will save you time and $$$ if your apartment-friendly sofa needs a deep clean.

    22. A high-reach dusting kit to get your ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas in your studio spick and span. Put that step stool away and use this handy tool to wipe away dust and debris.

    23. A Swiffer Sweeper set that comes with wet *and* dry cloths to handle any mess that pops up at home. It traps and picks up debris and common allergens that may be making your apartment so dang dirty.

    24. A laptop cleaner, because when was the last time your tech gadgets were free from crumbs and fingerprints? This small device deep cleans screens and keyboards and can be stored inside a desk drawer whenever you need to use it.

    25. A wood polish and conditioner for your furniture, cabinets, and floors: This formula can be super handy if you have an older apartment, because it will help prevent wood from drying and fading.

    26. A pack of heavy-duty cleaning wipes, because you never know when countertops, sinks, and other apartment surfaces will need an impromptu cleanup.

    27. A microwave cleaner and fridge odor absorber set that'll help keep your kitchen nook super clean. This dynamic duo gets to work on nasty food remains and odors, so you can get cookin' and not waste time tidying up.

    28. Toilet cleaning gel stamps, because your bathroom throne should be free from gross residue and rings. Stick one of these babies inside your bowl and enjoy a clean toilet for up to 12 days. You're welcome.

    29. And a daily shower cleaner that gives your shower a little pick-me-up and removes grime and water stains without rinsing. It'll also leave your bathroom smelling amazing.

    30. A household deodorizer, so your apartment can be free from nasty smells, including your pet's litter box, garbage cans, and musty cabinets.

    You, cleaning your apartment, studio, or tiny house like a pro:

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