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    31 Problem-Solving Products For First-Time Pet Parents

    Interactive toys, training bells, and more essentials that'll help you take care of your fur baby.

    1. Pee pads, because your puppy is constantly going to the bathroom and you don't want to step in another "carpet puddle" again. Each have a carbon-activated material that absorbs urine and odors *fast* and a leak-proof layered system to make training a breeze.

    2. A glow-in-the-dark kitten collar, so your fur baby will be visible if they're exploring your home at night. This ~stellar~ accessory, which can be adjusted for your feline's neck, will help keep them safe when there's limited visibility.

    Black and white cat wears a purple glow-in-the-dark collar with moon and stars printed all over it indoors

    3. A bone teething ring that'll help alleviate pain and sore spots. Each of these rings contains calcium *and* omega-3 fatty acids (yay for healthy teeth). Plus, wouldn't it be nice to save your shoes from your puppy's chewing habit?

    Reviewer's puppy chews on a chicken-flavored bone teething ring

    4. An interactive cat toy with an illuminated ball and squiggly track for hours and hours of feline entertainment. Your kitty will be able to touch, smell, and play with this fun gadget which will (hopefully) keep 'em from climbing on shelves and other things.

    5. Dry puppy food that's packed with protein and omega fatty acids, so your pup can build muscle and have healthy skin. This delicious lamb meal doesn't contain artificial flavors or colors and they'll be able to get the nutrients they need, sans bad ingredients.

    Yellow bag of dry puppy food that says "Nature's Recipe Original Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe)

    6. A self-cleaning litter box so you won't have to scoop out poop or refill your kitty's throne for a couple of weeks. It comes with odor-control crystal litter, an automatic waste removal feature, and anti-leak disposable trays for seamless tidying.

    7. A grooming glove you'll want to have on hand for a ~purrfect~ brushing session that won't leave hair on the floor: This small tool gently picks up shedded fur and gives your cat a nice massage in the process.

    8. Leak-proof poop bags, because no one wants to take their doggo out for a walk and have to deal with gross smells and wet poo. With a leakproof material and an odor-blocking scent, you'll be prepared the next time your pet has to go.

    Reviewer shows hand holding leash with green leak-proof dispenser and baggies while taking their dog out for a walk

    9. Kitten training litter that's quick-clumping, has odor control, and will help your pet neatly go to the bathroom in the litter box. Plus, it doesn't stay on their paws or get dusty, making cleanup a breeze.

    Two packages of Fresh Step Clean Paws Advanced Multi-Cat litter

    10. An adjustable, glow-in-the-dark dog collar, because it can be hard to spot your pet when the sun's down. It's rechargeable and has different flash modes, so you can safely walk your furry friend in low-light conditions.

    11. A urine stain remover that'll get to work on your pet's impromptu pee accidents: It not only helps eliminate nasty stains, but it also removes gross odors from surfaces, thanks to an enzyme-activated formula. Your carpets and rugs will thank you for the scent pick-me-up.

    Hand sprays white bottle of Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator on a carpet stain

    12. A cat dental kit for your feline's pearly whites: A toothpaste helps minimize tartar, a toothbrush gently removes chewed-up food, and the finger toothbrush gives your kitten a gum massage. Yes, your baby's teeth are getting the best cleaning.

    13. A dog grooming brush, so your pet's hair doesn't create a gross cover on the couch: It works through tangles and removes dead hair (buh-bye allergies shedding), giving your doggo a healthy coat.

    Reviewer detangles their dog's fur with a blue dog grooming brush

    14. A waterproof pet blanket that'll be soft armor for your sofa and protect it from drool, pee stains, and pet fur. It'll also be a cuddly cocoon for you and your fur baby while you're relaxing in the living room together.

    Kitten and puppy cuddle on a waterproof pink blanket placed on a couch

    15. A pH-balanced shampoo to get your puppy super clean and condition their fur. With a heavenly scent and gentle formula, their coat will be so dang shiny, soft, and clean. Mud, dander, and debris, be gone!

    16. A water-resistant pet bed, because your dog needs a cushioned sleep slot that's equally comfy and accident-proof. The middle cushion can also be taken out if tidying and hair removal are needed.

    Small brown dog sits in blue, water-resistant pet bed at reviewer's house

    17. A laser cat toy, so your kitten can have a blast chasing a red light and playing on the floor while you clean the house, chill on the couch, or cook dinner.

    Black kitty plays with white laser cat toy on a carpet

    18. A biodegradable tug toy that'll satisfy your lil' chewer who can't stop nibbling on your fingers. It's made with nontoxic material and comes with a colorful rope. Plus your pup can easily carry it in their mouth.

    A French Bulldog puppy plays with a orange tanned leather dog toy on a blanket

    19. A more humane bark collar, because your pup gets way too excited whenever they hear cars or see squirrels outside. This gadget automatically beeps and vibrates to get them to stop making too much noise.

    20. A "cat cave" you'll want to place in your kitty's favorite corner or nook at home. They'll love to chill in this cozy structure, which will be their new favorite nap spot and prevent them from shedding all over your couch.

    Two striped kittens cuddle in a blue ombre "cat cave" on the floor

    21. Cat nail clippers to gently trim your kitty's claws: Rubberized handles give you a good grip, so you can give them a chill and safe grooming session. If your furry friend's nails are scratching you (and everything indoors), it may be time for a *manicure.*

    Reviewer uses green nail clippers to trim their cat's claws near a windowsill

    22. A dog crate kit that comes with all the essentials (a crate, crate cover, two dog bowls, and a pet bed), so your puppy can have a comfy spot to eat and sleep. The cover and fleece bed are also washable, just in case they have accidents.

    23. A litter pan for your cat that doesn't like an enclosed poop and pee zone: This open-design box makes it easy for them to climb in and do their business (no door or lid required) and it's also odor-resistant (win).

    White cat steps out of blue litter box placed in a living room

    24. A squirrel-hiding toy, because your dog has a thing for fluffy-tailed critters and needs an interactive toy. This hide-and-seek plush will let them smell and find "squirrels," thanks to squeakers and a burrow-like design. We can't promise that you won't want to join in on the fun too.

    Tan dog sniffs a plush hide-and-seek toy filled with squeakers and soft squirrels

    25. A medicated hot spot spray to give your pet sweet, sweet relief from itchy spots. This formula, which is anti-fungal and antimicrobial, will soothe trouble spots and help minimize scratching.

    White spray bottle that says "The Bark Shoppe Medicated & Hot Spot Body Spray for dogs and cats"

    26. A cat scratching post and hammock, because your kitty's on the move and their claws are no match for furniture. This tiny hub will let them sleep *and* scratch all they want, so you don't need to buy a new couch or coffee table.

    27. A dog toothbrush and toothpaste set that'll gently clean your pup's mouth and remove stubborn food debris responsible for stinky breath. Yes to healthy (and sparkling) pearly whites!

    A brown toothpaste tube, a blue finger brush, a yellow finger brush, and a purple full-sized toothbrush

    28. Dry cat food, so your feline can satisfy their appetite without getting too much tartar and plaque on their teeth. Made with real meat and packed with nutrients, this recipe will give 'em epic meal time sans gross food debris.

    Yellow bag of dry cat food that says "Purina Kitten Chow Nurture"

    29. A training doorbell that'll be a big help for your pooch's bathroom training. Just loop it around a doorknob so your pet can ~give a ring~ when it's time to go potty and not have an accident.

    30. Kitten treats, because your fur baby has been really, really good lately and you want to reward them with something yummy and soft on their teeth. Veggies, salmon, and cranberries in crunchy kibble form will delight your fur baby and be easy to eat.

    Reviewer's cat plays with a bag of Wellness Kittles Cat Treats on a floral carpet

    31. A kitty harness you'll want to slip on your cat if you're both headed outdoors: It'll keep them secure without restricting their movement, so they can enjoy a nice walk and stay safe.

    A spotted cat tries to climb a tree while wearing a black kitty harness

    You and your fur babies enjoying time together:

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