24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016

I’ll take my coffee in a test tube and my dinner in a shoe, please.

1. When they mutilated an innocent Caesar salad by wrapping a single piece of bread around a joyless leaf.

2. When they destroyed the sanctity of a good cup of coffee by serving it in a test tube.

3. And turned a simple cup of tea into a science experiment.

4. When this scotch egg was triumphantly served IN A TROPHY.

“World’s Best Scotch Egg” served in “World’s Most Useless Utensil”.

5. And this dessert was served in a mini bath tub instead of, you know, a bowl.

6. When customers were forced to risk their fingers for a slice of cheese.

7. And this bread was served in a sack, presumably to keep it warm.

And to add some extra fun to your meal by playing “how many sack hairs can i pull off my toast?”

8. When this dessert was essentially served on a mini climbing frame.

*dies of embarrassment looking at this hipster food*

— ros (@puppetmotel)

9. And a few lucky diners were invited to assemble their own spaghetti bolognese.

You're going to love this: DECONSTRUCTED SPAG BOL, La Folie Douce, Val d'isere, €29 (@WeWantPlates)

— Ed Smith (@rocketandsquash)

10. When they decided the only logical way to serve afternoon tea was on a bookshelf.

11. Which means the only proper way to serve dinner is on a skateboard.

Call us cynical, but we don't believe this skateboard will see the inside of a dishwasher. (Pic: @GabrielGTweets)

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates)


12. When appetisers were suddenly way less appetising once served in a shoe.

@WeWantPlates the table next to us got their tempura in a handbag......

— eeke (@eeketht)

13. Because WHO IN THE WORLD wants to eat their meal out of a GODDAMN TRAINER?

14. When fruit crumble was literally crumbled onto a chopping board.

Comforting, traditional, fruit crumble ordered. This arrives. @WeWantPlates

— Sheila King (@SheilaMossKing)

15. And no one bothered to transfer the mac and cheese from the measuring cup to an actual plate.

I need to draw the line on this hipster food presentation. This is a goddamn measuring cup.

— Crysta Timmerman (@crystatimmerman)

16. When they put coleslaw in a trolley and assumed that was totally normal.

Hey, tell you what would be a great idea, let's put the coleslaw IN A SHOPPING TROLLEY

— Bob Granleese (@bobgranleese)

17. Which meant it was totally okay to serve this entire meal IN A SPADE.

18. When this prawn looked just as happy to be in a skip as the recipient probably did.

19. And this chicken looked delectable in its picnic hamper, complete with chutney in a spade.

20. When popcorn was no longer sweet or salty, but salted with kale and quinoa!

The logical conclusion of hipster food trends.

— Kate Raynes-Goldie (@oceanpark)

Perfect cinema food, if you ask me.

21. When they served this…well…what even is this?

22. And this corn on the cob was undeservedly pierced with a screw.

.@WeWantPlates that time everything came in enamel wear & the corn on the cob impaled with a rusty nail

— Isobel Blaikie (@isobelblaikie)

23. When this scone was placed in a plant pot on top of a plate, instead of just on the plate.

24. And this sandwich was served as actual rubbish in a dustpan.

I told the waitress, ripping the piss, that she forgot to give me the brush. Ripping the piss, she brought me one.

— Ross O'Carroll-Kelly (@RossOCK)

Which sums it all up really.

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