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27 Pictures That Will Make Parents Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

Parents do the darndest things.

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1. This trick to cutting out fizzy drinks:

2. This moment of rebellion:

3. This passive-aggressive bar of soap:

4. These parents' priorities:

5. This game turned disastrous:

6. This complete misunderstanding:

"I learned to rid a dick frum my Dad."

"I learned to rid a dick frum my Dad."

7. These parents' sense of humour:

8. This treat for patient parents:

9. This invention of "mushroom brother":

10. This totally appropriate birthday cake:

11. And this even more appropriate card:

12. This thoughtful letter from a caring son:

13. This strong reminder:

14. This passive-aggressive letter from the "Tooth Fairy":

15. This honest announcement:

16. This prank photo:

17. This astounding achievement award:

18. This perfect kid's menu:

19. This awkward spelling test:

20. This heartwarming photo album:

21. This helpful parenting tip:

22. This savage mum:

"My mum laughs when I run into the wall."

"My mum laughs when I run into the wall."

23. This way too truthful sign:

24. This unfortunate incident:

25. This sweet and innocent request:

26. This future prediction:

27. And finally, the parents responsible for the "Cheerio Challenge":