19 Transformations That'll Make You Wish You Were Better At Makeup

    Because makeup is an art and should be respected as such.

    1. This phenomenal smoky-eye look:

    2. This half face of wonder:

    3. This beautiful bridal transformation:

    4. This striking highlighter:

    5. This makeover that would make anyone look 10 years younger:

    6. This half-finished flawless face:

    7. This radiant changeover:

    8. This subtle goth look:

    9. This glamorous switch:

    10. This glowing appearance:

    11. This gorgeous red lip:

    12. This striking makeover:

    13. This look that's fit for a princess:

    14. This classic gold eye and red lip combo:

    15. This beaming masterpiece:

    16. This eye-catching alteration:

    17. This gleaming transformation:

    18. This stunning, gray-haired beauty:

    19. And this extraordinary example of bridal perfection: