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26 Important Firsts Every Cat Owner Has Experienced

Does the death stare mean "I love you" or "I'll kill you"?

1. Taking your first selfie together.

2. And enjoying your first joint nap.

i found this hilarious picture on my camera of how I nap with my cat... she owns me and I know it

3. Holding your cat's paw.

4. And refusing to move, because your cat is sitting on you.

5. Feeding your cat human food because you feel bad they're missing out.

6. Finding the cat has peed on something you love.

7. Asking your cat a question and forgetting that they can't actually reply.

8. Taking a picture of your cat sleeping in a ridiculous position.

HOW is that comfortable? I must know.

9. Putting on a funny voice for your cat.

10. And calling them by any other name except their actual name.

11. Experiencing your first pang of jealousy when you see your cat giving someone else attention.

Traitor cat, traitor cat, does whatever a traitor cat does .. I see you Midnight..

12. Holding your cat up to a mirror to let them see their reflection.

Take cat to mirror. "Look it's you"

"See how cute you are? Looooook!"

13. Using your cat's fluffy belly as a pillow.

14. Letting your cat into the bathroom with you.

15. Having a serious discussion with your cat as to whether they want to stay in or go out.

16. Inadvertently finding the place your cat hates being touched, and paying dearly for it.

17. Accepting that your cat is basically an extension of your laptop.

18. Having your affection rejected for the first time.

19. Comparing pictures to see how much they've grown.

20. Seeing your cat with another cat for the first time, and assuming they're either best friends or dating.

My cat ain't been home for a minute and I find him here finessing 🤔

21. Discovering hair all over your clothes.

22. Accidentally stepping on your cat's paw and feeling the worst guilt you've ever felt.

23. Taking your cat to the vet for the first time and feeling incredibly conflicted.

24. Receiving your first wake-up call at a ridiculous time in the morning.

25. Finding your cat doing something they definitely shouldn't be doing.

26. And questioning whether your cat's death stare means they actually want to kill you.