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The 3 Biggest Tech Moments Of 2013, Yes, 2013

We're only hours into 2013, but already some tech moments of historic proportions have happened.

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1. The Internet turns 30 years old...

The Internet, a revolutionary and cheap communications system that has transformed the lives of billions of people across the world, turned 30 on Tuesday. The computer network officially began its technological revolution when it fully substituted previous networking systems on January 1 1983.

2. Sony stops making PlayStation 2 in Japan...

Japanese electronics giant Sony said it has stopped producing its PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan, fuelling online rumours a PlayStation 4 is in the pipeline.

3. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Skype Five Times A Day...

A source told the Sun: “Harry and Taylor spoke online up to five times a day while they were apart. They got their families involved too, so it wasn’t just them locked inside their bedrooms for hours on end.

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