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How Matzos Are Made. In Less Than 18 Minutes.

Ever wondered what it takes to get those thin & crispy Matzos on your table? Wonder no more.

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It all begins with pure flour poured into a clean, spotless bowl

After the water is added the kneading begins

With the initial kneading in the bowl complete, the dough is passed on to these guys

Once the kneading is done, the dough is passed on to long tables where workers are eagerly waiting to be given their small chunk of dough

A little bit of spanking and the dough starts shaping up

With its new identity as a Matzo-in-the-making the dough goes from a small chunk of dough to something resembling Matzo

Now that we have a nice, round and flat piece of dough it's time for the pores to be made - the pores are needed so that the dough doesn't end up looking like a blowfish

Next they are places on long rods

*placing in progress*

Which are handed over to the Shiber [like Shiba-er] Wow!!

In they go... to the oven, heated somewhere between 700 to 1300 degrees

In under 25 seconds they need to be taken out, or they flame up

By now it has been approximately 17 minutes. And the rush is over

Once there's a full basket it's moved into another room ready to be weighed and boxed

Where it's boxed by the Hasidic looking Kyle Broflovski

Can you feel the smell?

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