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    15 Unusual Dog Names That Just Make Sense

    CAUTION: Extreme Cuteness ahead.

    1. Barista

    Petfinder / Via

    If it were up to me, this pup would definitely be employee of the month. Who doesn’t love a dog in a costume?

    2. Crouton

    Petfinder / Via

    Anyone want a salad? There’s just something about her that screams Crouton.

    3. Shortstop

    Petfinder / Via

    Those legs could kill (my heart). I mean just look at them.

    4. Smiles

    Petfinder / Via

    I think this one is pretty self explanatory and pretty cute if I say so myself.

    5. O Ya Domino

    Petfinder / Via

    This one’s a little out there, but I’m here for it. I’d let her beat me in dominoes.

    6. Mask

    Petfinder / Via

    This mask is a little different than the ones I’m used to, but is still very fitting.

    7. Lil Man

    Petfinder / Via

    The mustache says it all. And the face. Please be my Lil Man.

    8. Buddy Boy

    Petfinder / Via

    This good boy makes for the perfect buddy.

    9. Chewbacca

    Petfinder / Via

    Loyal and furry — just like the Chewbacca we know and love.

    10. Frank Sinatra

    Petfinder / Via

    Sweet on the eyes, as Frank Sinatra is to the ears.

    11. Thor

    Petfinder / Via

    With great strength comes a good boy (although this Thor looks a little tired).

    12. Ole Yeller

    Petfinder / Via

    I would trust him to watch my house. Future guard dog in the making.

    13. Peetey

    Petfinder / Via

    If he doesn’t look like a Peety, I don’t know who does.

    14. Moon Pie

    Petfinder / Via

    All this pie talk is making me hungry…

    15. Blackjack

    Petfinder / Via

    This beautiful baby holds the key to my heart 😍 brb going in debt.

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