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    12 Ways Punjabi Thanksgivings Differ From "Normal" Thanksgivings

    A brown Thanksgiving is definitely an out-of-the-ordinary one, but one you should be a part of at least once in your life.

    1. First of all, it's just another weekly potluck/get together for us.

    2. We substitute every Thanksgiving dish.

    3. And the next best option? Chicken. Tandoori, that is:

    4. Why eat stuffing when you can have samose?

    5. Nothing, and I mean nothing tops naan. Not even dinner rolls. Which is why dinner rolls get booted out of our dinners.

    6. We Punjabis prefer tangy over sweet, so we serve chutney instead of cranberry sauce.

    7. As for dessert, the only pumpkins we eat are in saabj. Instead of pumpkin pie we eat jalebi, ras milai, gulab jamun, and any other yummy dessert.

    Oh, and now that we've talked about the food, lets talk about the groups.

    8. We have the "uncles" group, where all the dads get together and do what they do best: drink alcohol and talk about politics.

    9. We also have the "aunties" group, which is all the moms doing what they do best: drink cha and gossip.

    10. Next, we have the group of young ladies, which, let's face it — they're the Punjabi Mean Girls.

    11. And then there's the young men, who just like to show off the expensive cars their parents got them.

    12. And of course, the little kids group is so precious but also used for entertainment — let's take a moment for all the times we've had to "show our dance" or some other talent in front of our guests.