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Unintentional Sexual And Just Plain Awkward Arco Gas Ad

Well, now I'll just think about "dirty" stuff every time I pump.

gaywhiteoprah • 6 years ago

No One Sings Whitney...Like A White Gay Man??

I could hear my neighbor cleaning his apt and singing, so I asked to tape him. Funny and touching.

gaywhiteoprah • 7 years ago

Reality Contestant...AND Butt Workout Guru?

Alexander is one if the new dancers on So You Think You Can Dance? Apparently, he is also part of one of the gayest workouts ever. And we don't mean gay is in bad, we mean gayest as in Judy Garland lovin', Liberace loving, Richard Simmons eat your heart out gay. We're so glad people make weird awesome sh*t like this!

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

New GAY On the Block! Jonathan Knight Comes Out.

Jonathan Knight, member of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Comes out...or well, at least tells us he's been out for years now!

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Sh*t! Now Blowjobs Give You Cancer! FML

Forget STDs! Doctors are now alluding giving that a boy a lil' fluff-job might light to serious cancer. This story just proves that God is mean...real mean.

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Inter-racial Furniture? Comfortable for EVERYONE!

Commercials for small business are really just the best! This is so weird and so funny...and a little uncomfortable. The RED House is a furniture that kick you to the couch because of your race.

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Top 5 Gadgets of 2011 Make Geeks Bust a Nut

Get a look at the top 5 Gadgets premiering at this months CES convention in Las Vegas! Nerds beware...this might be too much for you!

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Have Your Self the GAYest Christmas Ever.

This Southern guy is funny as he shares is opinions about Xmas decorating. And he lisps words I've never heard before. I think he was a contestant on Minute To Win It. My Grandma would love him.

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Holy Bat-penis! It's HI-larious Batman Porn...

It's a parody of a style. Don't worry...this trailer is totally G-rated. I have to say, even this gay man might watch this just for hilarity of it. It has to be better than BATMAN FOREVER.

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

Leo DiCaprio is Getting Some Love...Homo Style.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnie Hammer are gay-licious loves in Clint Eastwood's new bio-pic. Yum.

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago

James Franco Gives Some Himself. am I wrong in saying Vanity is hot?

gaywhiteoprah • 8 years ago