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World's Greatest/Grossest Police Report

A West Virginia woman was arrested in October for demanding cunnilingus at knife point. Below are excerpts from the police report, presented without comment. WARNING: Foul (very foul) language.

  • On Friday, October 22, 2010 at approximately 1837 hours, this undersigned officer (RHM) arrived at a dispatched domestic dispute at the I77 Motor Inn near Fairplain, Jackson County, WV.

  • There, RHM met Danny Ray Williams, James Adam Watson, and Melissa Lee Williams. ... RHM observed Melissa Williams to be nude from the waist down and sitting in a living room chair.

  • (The two men) told a story of Williams coming to the residence intoxicated. Melissa Williams asked each of the two males to " my pussy..." and commenced to undress herself.

  • Danny Williams continued to state that he declined the said invitation from Melissa Williams.

  • However, Adam Watson stated that he agreed to perform at her request.

  • As Watson approached Melissa Williams, he became overwhelmed by horrible vaginal odor emitting from Melissa Williams.

  • Watson then declined to proceed any further because of the strong vaginal odor and ceased his involvement with her.

  • Melissa Williams then produced (a) knife and pointed it towards Danny Williams and stated "......somebody is going to eat my pussy or I'm going to cut your fucking throat......"